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Dear customers!

We are a leader of polish horticultural companies which produce initial material of decorative plants. The main groups of products are: cuttings of bedding and balcony plants (there is over 220 kinds of plants in the assortment), cuttings of chrysanthemums, poinsettias, pot plants, seedlings of annuals and biennials and also seeds. The most expanding branch at the moment are the perennials - produced from Tissue Culture, cuttings and seeds.

Our partners are the biggest horticultural companies of the world.

The qualify of the young plants and the professional services are assets!

The website of Vitroflora, thanks to our programmers, should be very helpful for your needs. We also invite you to exploit our e-shop. Making the orders this way is very simple. It’s easy to find a picture of the plant you’ve chosen to buy.

We hope You will enjoy our website!

The management and team of Vitroflora