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nr. kat name Species New Leaf Color(s) Flower Color Photo
72270 Iridescent Bells Campanula   Light Pink Foto
72227 Samantha Campanula   Bright Lavender Foto
72261 Viking Campanula   Violet Blue Foto
72224 Elizabeth Oliver Campanula cochleariifolia   Sky Blue Foto
72949 Forever Gold Rudbeckia fulgida   Yellow Foto
72906 Goldsturm Rudbeckia fulgida   Golden Yellow Foto
72924 Little Goldstar Rudbeckia fulgida   Foto
74801 Mariposa Blue Scabiosa columbaria   Sky Blue Foto
79999 Vivid Violet Scabiosa   Violet Foto
79313 Hidcote Blue Lavandula angustifolia   Lavender Purple Foto
79325 Munstead Lavandula angustifolia   Deep Blue Foto
71575 Rosea Lavandula angustifolia   Pink Foto
75032 Thumbelina Leigh Lavandula angustifolia   Violet Blue Foto
71574 Edelweiss Lavandula x intermedia   White Foto
75079 Phenomenal Lavandula x intermedia   Silvery Grey Violet Foto
75080 Platinum Blonde Lavandula x intermedia   Yellow with Green Centre Violet Foto
74822 Bell Bank Geum rivale   Foto
71526 Flames of Passion Geum rivale   Red Foto
71548 Mai Tai Geum rivale   Orange Foto
75078 Nonna Geum   Apricot Orange Foto
71534 Totally Tangerine Geum coccineum   Orange Foto
79097 Pic Carlit Festuca gautieri   Foto
79095 Azurit Festuca glauca   Foto
79055 Blauglut Festuca glauca   Foto
79056 Eisvogel Festuca glauca   Foto
79897 Elijah Blue Festuca glauca   Foto
79109 Golden Toupee Festuca glauca   Foto
79057 Uchte Festuca glauca   Foto
71557 Rollies Favorite Silene × robotii   Deep Pink Foto
70505 Lemon Fizz Santolina rosmarinifolia   Foto
70506 Santolina chamaecyparissus Santolina chamaecyparissus   Foto
73209 Margarete Anemone hupehensis   Deep Pink Foto
73213 Preacox Anemone hupehensis   Deep Pink Foto
73203 Prinz Heinrich Anemone hupehensis   Deep Pink-Violet Foto
73211 September Charm Anemone hupehensis   Pink Foto
73225 Splendens Anemone hupehensis   Pink Foto
73210 Andrea Atkinson Anemone x hybrida   White Foto
73250 Bressingham Glow Anemone x hybrida   Deep Pink Foto
73201 Honorine Jobert Anemone x hybrida   White Foto
73220 Lorelei Anemone x hybrida   Pink Foto
73222 Mont-Rose Anemone x hybrida   Deep Pink Foto
73202 Pamina Anemone x hybrida   Deep Pink Foto
73205 Serenade Anemone x hybrida   Pink Foto
73212 Whirlwind Anemone x hybrida   White Foto
79009 Appleblossom Achillea millefolium   Lilac Foto
79011 Paprika Achillea millefolium   Red Foto
79012 Red Velvet Achillea millefolium   Red Red Foto
79013 Terracotta Achillea millefolium   Brown Foto
70739 Black Adder Agastache hybrida   Violet Foto
70729 Blue Boa Agastache hybrida   Dark Violet Foto
70764 Blue Fortune Agastache hybrida   Bright Lavender Foto
75402 Morello Agastache   Carmine Red Foto
75428 Poquito™ Lavender Agastache   Foto
79668 Gold Heart Dicentra spectabilis   Golden Yellow Bright Pink Foto
79244 Valentine® Dicentra spectabilis   Foto
77402 White Gold Dicentra spectabilis (Lamprocapnos)   Foto
79227 Alba Dicentra spectabilis   Foto
79652 Dicentra spectabilis Dicentra spectabilis   Foto
70716 Brass Lantern Heucherella   Orange White Foto
74428 Buttered Rum Heucherella   Caramel-Dipped White Foto
74485 Catching Fire Heucherella   Foto
74422 Copper Cascade Heucherella   Cooper Gold White Foto
74430 Fire Frost Heucherella   Lime with A Large Red Center White Foto
70703 Gold Zebra Heucherella   Light Green with Red Veins White Foto
74431 Honey Rose Heucherella   Warm Coral-Rose with Dark Veins White Foto
75419 Hopscotch Heucherella   Foto
74437 Infinity Heucherella   Dark Chocolate White Foto
74490 Leapfrog Heucherella   Foto
74440 Mojito Heucherella   Yellow Lime with Red Veins White Foto
73057 Plum Cascade Heucherella   Purple Silver Pink Foto
70726 Red Rover Heucherella   Foto
70734 Redstone Falls Heucherella   Red White Foto
70735 Solar Eclipse Heucherella   Red Brown BorderedinLime Green White Foto
79440 Stoplight Heucherella   Green with Red Center White Foto
70704 Sweet Tea Heucherella   Red White Foto
79442 Tapestry Heucherella   Purple with Green Framing Pink Foto
70727 Yellowstone Falls Heucherella   Green with Red Veins White Foto
75044 Junior Walker™ Nepeta x faassenii   Lavender & Blue Foto
74854 Neptune Nepeta kubanica   Foto
74823 Purrsian Blue Nepeta x faassenii   Foto
79938 Walker's Low Nepeta x faassenii   Violet Blue Foto
79310 Moonshine Pulmonaria   White with Green Rim Blue & White Foto
74843 Pink Haze Pulmonaria x hybrida   Foto
74859 Shrimps on the Barbie Pulmonaria x hybrida   Foto
79318 Silver Bouquet Pulmonaria   Green White Violet Pink Foto
79312 Trevi Fountain Pulmonaria   Green with White Spots Violet Blue Foto
79783 Cloud Walker Sedum   Foto
70431 Purple Emperor Sedum hybridum   Purple Black Deep Pink Foto
79784 Hot Stuff Sedum spectabile   Pink Foto
71886 Dark Magic Sedum telephium   Purple Black Deep Pink Foto
79785 Mr. Goodbud Sedum telephium   Magenta Foto
75245 Oriental Dancer Sedum telephium   Foto
71837 Thunderhead Sedum telephium   Grey Green Magenta Foto
79149 Angel Wings Tiarella   Foto
79873 Iron Butterfly Tiarella   Green with Burgundy Vein White Foto
79876 Pink Skyrocket Tiarella   Green with Violet Vein Light Pink Foto
79878 Spring Symphony Tiarella   Green with Purple Centre Light Pink Foto
79879 Sugar and Spice Tiarella   Light Green with Bronze Centre Light Pink Foto
74489 Bright Edge Yucca filamentosa   Foto
79455 Color Guard Yucca filamentosa   Green Cream Creamy White Foto