Perennials & Grasses 2021

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We are pleased to present our latest offer of perennials and grasses for season 2020. 

In this year's offer you will find many different species and varieties of perennials, easy to grow, allowing you to obtain a high quality finished product. Thanks to them, gardens will gain a unique charm and delight the audience with a spectacular game of colors and a unique blend of scents.

In the upcoming season we would like to draw your attention to the novelties introduced to our offer: Sempervivum Big Sam group with exceptionally large rosettes and the awarded at this year's edition of the Plantarium exhibition Ajuga Gold Chang with a juicy green-gold color, ideal for mixed compositions. Worldwide recognition is also given to Rudbekie from the SmileyZ group and Sedum Sunsparkler Wildfire - a sedum variety with a unique red colour!

We encourage you to pay attention to a few new standards in which we offer our varieties:

Swift Plug - overwintered material offered in the early weeks of availability mainly in T-40 and T-28 standard, 
               allowing to obtain high quality material, blooming at the beginning of the sales season.
Fresh 40 - plants offered in T-40 palette in weeks 17-20, allowing to obtain high quality product in large containers 
               with short cultivation time.

We persuade you to review our offer, wishing you many successes in the upcoming season!