In memory of Ralf Sühling

In memory of Ralf Sühling, Vitroflora sales force in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Ralf was a "fine guy". That's what he called himself and people who had their hearts in the right place and who had others needs on their mind.

Ralf was someone who always had a joke on his mind. Oh, what we laughed together at his anecdotes, jokes and word creations. Ralf was a trained salesman and he was a gardener. His special gift was to prepare complex issues for his customers in a coherent way. He was particularly passionate about troubleshooting when a customer did not have the expected cultural success. Then he went to the bottom of things with energy and his great expertise in plant nutrition helped him.

One of his favorite words was "safety buffers", which his customers bought from him so that the problem would not repeat itself.
With Ralf by your side, nothing bad could happen. He always knew the ways out and right solutions. He never gave up on a situation, he was a great fighter. He also faced the disease in the same way; never complained and never given up.

We lose a companion who has enriched us personally and our work.

Martin Fischer and Vitroflora Team

You will always stay in our hearts and in our Team!

Ralf Sühling   * 30.03.1968  † 09.10.2021