Thank you for being with us!

Dear gardeners!

We have almost passed week 13 . What does this mean for Vitroflora?For us, it is reaching the peak of the shipping and production. Our priority is the good quality of products and punctuality - to prepare plants for transport and ensure delivery of your young plants on time.And as the pandemic continues we are still working very intensively in a 2 shift system in order to minimize the effects of quarantine through our team. The cold and sunny weather helps us to grow a good quality. 

Since January 2021, we have completed over 65 thousand orders, we have enriched the world by over 15 million plants that left us for over 27 thousand trolleys!

Spring has come and our moods are improving with the rays of the sun. Therefore, we share with you the production-spring photo report and ...

We wish you all more successful weeks in this spring season and happy Easter. 

Thank you for being with us! ;)