Rudbeckia Floral Fantasia!

Within the framework of FleuroSelect campain '2020, Year of the Rudbeckia' and the FloralFantasia project, Peter Seabrook and the Royal Horticultural Society's gardeners team at Hyde Hall have planted over 80 Rudbeckia varieties to showcase the diversity and splendour of this species. 

On display are approx. 50 seed-raised varieties and 35 varieties from cuttings, all supplied and collected by FleuroSelect members. The collection inspires and delights Rudbeckia enthusiasts all over the world!

Join the tour through the RHS Hyde Hall garden and experience the diversity of Rudbeckia!" title="" width="736" height="366" src="" style="background: #d8dade url( center center no-repeat" class="actItemYoutube" >

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