Growers can handle any situation!

Growers can handle any situation!

In recent weeks, we've all been living under threat from the CoV19 virus. At the same time the weather allows us to see that spring has actually come and the world around us is awakening to life. We Growers  are particularly close to this reality. Sometimes, unfortunately, too close watching as our plants cannot reach the clients closed in their homes and cocoons of their fears.

Life goes on, however, as people and citizens we have something to eat, in practice we usually don't lack anything to function normally.  And the epidemic will pass. Let's wish for it as soon as possible. If we are disciplined and understand the basic principles and limitations, it will pass quickly. We need this very much.

At the same time I encourage you to look back to the past. Who else is so experienced by unpredictable and unplanned situations? Frosts in April, a cold long weekend in May, heat in May, cold winters, storms and hurricanes, downpours, floods and droughts and many other random events. And we have always had to deal with it and we have always dealt with it. You have dealt with it! We believe you'll manage now, too.

Growers and farmers are tough guys. They're not easy to break. This time it will be so, too, I believe in it deeply. But act, don't give in to pessimistic thoughts. Nature helps us with that. It's still March. There's still almost a month left until the actual season. And the pansies - how many times have you thrown them out? I wish I hadn't thrown them away this time.

We have many examples from all over the world that those who do not wait but try to act sell quite well, even very well! They have harnessed new technologies, used "Mc-Drive" system - order and pick up, deliver to homes and gardens, contact customers directly and so on. More effort - but it is possible.  

The world around us is changing fast. We in Poland have been through such changes in the past and have come out stronger. It will be so this time too, which is what I wish you and I wish for.

Tomasz Michalik

Vitroflora CEO