Vitroflora cooperate with Gebr. Alkemade

We are pleased to announce that on the day of December 17, 2019. Vitroflora has signed a cooperation agreement with the Dutch company Gebr. Alkemade BV.

Vitroflora Grupa Producentów Ltd. and Gebr Alkemade B.V., a Dutch perennial young plant producer, have made an agreement for intensive cooperation.

Vitroflora producer group president Tomasz Michalik states the agreement with Gebr Alkemade is a significant step in the development of the Vitroflora producer group, further strengthening our position in the perennial market across Europe.

Gebr Alkemade is a well-respected producer of perennial young plants and has significant synergies with Vitroflora. Alkemade is built by Theo and Wil Alkemade. Wil and Theo Alkemade state: “Both companies are committed to supplying high-quality young plants for the ornamental market. We believe our combined range is market-leading and offers our customers a complete solution for cutting raised and tissue culture produced perennial young plants.“

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